how to prevent 2019 nCov
how to prevent 2019 nCov

Mar 15,2020

How to prevent?

a. Avoid going to epidemic areas, places with a crowd, public areas which is closed and without ventilation, and also gathering. Open the windows often to ventilate.

b. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your elbow (rather than your hands) when sneezing or coughing.

c. It’s better to use soap or hand washing to clean your hands completely after sneezing or coughing. Put used tissues into a garbage can with a lid.

d. When wearing a mask, it’s a must to completely unfold it and cover the mouth, nose and lower jaw. Then press the nasal splint to make it contact with the face perfectly.

e. The light-colored side (inner side) of the mask should be contacted with the mouth and nose, while the dark-colored side should face outside. The metal splint (nasal splint) should be on the top. The mask should be replaced at a fixed time. The inner side and outer side should not be  interchanged.

f. When washing your hands, it’s better to use flowing water and soap (hand washing), and scrub  at least 20 seconds.